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Impel Group - outsourcing for companies

Are you looking for support in the areas that are not the focus of your business? We have over 30 years of experience in providing business services. We work with companies and institutions from almost all sectors of the economy. We create solutions tailored to individual needs. We provide outsourcing for companies in the area of ​​simple services, such as cleaning, security or technical maintenance of buildings. We also support clients in handling administrative processes and provide specialized services for the industry. We use new technologies for even the simplest services. We create applications that allow us to organise services in such a way as to quickly and efficiently respond to your needs..

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Why use our outsourcing services?

Over 30 years of experience

We guarantee secure contracts and immediate response to your needs throughout the country

The widest range of services for business

We provide support in many areas - from cleaning and security services to handling administrative processes or specialized services for industry

Digital tools and modern technologies

We are not afraid to use digital technologies or robots and digitize the services we offer

Environmentally friendly services

We use environmentally friendly products and technologies, invest in modern equipment, and educate our employees on pro-environmental solutions

From needs to services

We will correlate the needs of your business with our services, and even create a completely new solution especially for you. By entrusting selected processes to our specialists, you can be sure that we will provide all services with the greatest care, in accordance with the standards and your requirements. When working with us, you do not have to worry about staff shortages – we have a trained team of specialists, experts and technologists operating throughout Poland.

As an experienced outsourcing company, we can offer various models of cooperation, including mobile services provided by specialized cleaning and service groups. In this way, we can reach every location throughout Poland, guaranteeing the quality of the services you require.