We created the Impel Franchising System founded on security and cleanliness services. They continue to be a large part of our business, despite the significant growth of the Impel Group’s portfolio. Our franchisees operate under the Impel Partner brand according to proven solutions, allowing us to provide services compliant with the best practices in the industry.

Benefits for the franchisee

Strong brand

Operating under the recognizable Impel brand, the largest provider of business outsourcing services on the Polish market


Operating based on the Impel Franchising System Manual, which is a straightforward guide for running a company


Support from the Impel Group at every stage of cooperation with a franchisee

Code of Good Practices for Franchisee

We operate in accordance with the Code of Good Practices for the Franchise Market, to which we joined in August 2022 as a franchisor. The main provisions of the Code include, among others, clear rules for the operation of the franchise model, equal treatment of each franchisee, and ongoing knowledge exchange.

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of a franchisee

Cleaning services

Consist of maintaining cleanliness and order inside and around a building using appropriate cleaning products and equipment. They also include specialized services: comprehensive maintenance of stone floors, maintenance of concrete surfaces, comprehensive maintenance of post-construction cleaning, care of greenery and others. Cleaning services are performed in banks and financial institutions, trade and services, healthcare, industry, office facilities, hotels, and restaurants.

Personal and property security services

Activities designed to prevent property crimes and offenses, the purpose of which is to avoid damage and to prevent unauthorized persons from entering protected areas. Services include direct and technical protection, consisting of surveillance of signals transmitted by alarm systems. The services include securing mass events, securing mandatory protection facilities of particular significance for national defense or professional reception service.

Cooperation with medical staff in the patient care process

In healthcare units, ward attendants support medical staff in providing patient care. All activities are subject to healthcare laws and are performed per facility-specific procedures under the supervision of coordinators. Cooperation with medical staff includes assisting a nurse with simple nursing and hygienic tasks, delivering meals to patients, assisting in the treatment room, assisting with in-hospital patient transport, sorting, packing, and preparing linen, bedding and hospital clothing, collecting and sorting medical supplies and biological waste.

Entities operating under a franchising system

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Sp. z o.o.

Gwarant Bis
Security Sp. z o.o.

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Lernen Polska
Sp. z o.o.

Ozon Group
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