Digital Impel

For many years, we have been providing services to businesses and, at the same time, ensuring our continuous technological development. Digitisation supports the daily tasks performed by our employees at the facilities covered by our services. As a result, we can manage processes more quickly, efficiently and effectively, while you gain permanent access to information about the provided services.

Optima FM

This app facilitates the management of the provided cleaning service. Optima FM consists of a web app as well as apps intended for both the staff performing the services and your employees responsible for supervising cleanliness within your facility.


The Optima FM app offers:

  • the ongoing monitoring of the status of assigned tasks and the possibility to easily report defects;
  • the real-time assignment of tasks to cleaning staff and the automation of work planning;
  • a list of rooms and the plans of the entire facility available in one place.

Guard FM

This app supports the performance of physical security services. Implementation of the system will allow you to gain access to comprehensive information on the protection of your facility. Guard FM provides you with, among others, an advanced notification system, an electronic logbook of incidents as well as information about individuals and vehicles entering the protected area.


The Guard FM app offers:

  • full supervision over the security of the facility – access to information about incidents;
  • streamlining of the process of issuing notifications and passes;
  • transparent documentation regarding the performance of security services.

Mobi Group

This system facilitates the effective management of cleaning and maintenance mobile groups. Thanks to the app, you can rest assured that when you inform us about an emergency, our mobile group will arrive at your premises as quickly as possible.


The Mobi Group app offers:

  • immediate access to reports concerning the performed tasks (including photo documentation);
  • unification of the standard of the services carried out at all your facilities;
  • quality and training audits – in order to ensure that you are provided with services of the agreed quality, carried out by trained employees.

Smart FM

This system is used to manage the technical maintenance services carried out at all your facilities. It enables the automation of the process of overseeing the planning and execution of maintenance services and facilitates managing resources and minimising costs.


Smart FM offers:

  • streamlining of the repair process from the moment of issuing a request;
  • 24-hour control of the status of assigned services, without the need for on-site visits;
  • guarantee of rapid assistance in emergency situations.

The digital IMFOOD platform

IMFOOD is a system designed to improve the organisation of hospital nutrition. The system consists of, among others, an autonomous digital platform that facilitates the work of dietitians and hospital management personnel. In addition, IMFOOD enables both the ongoing control of the costs allocated to nutrition as well as their continuous analysis.


IMFOOD offers:

  • automation of the processes related to ordering meals, reporting adjustments and controlling menus;
  • digital platform with access to reports and expense analysis;
  • knowledge base for employees.

Portal Klienta

The Portal ensures full access to all the apps which we will be using as part of our cooperation. The platform will also facilitate the exchange of information regarding the ordered and provided services.


The Impel Group’s Client Portal offers:

  • access to all necessary documents (agreements, acceptance reports, invoices) in one place;
  • up-to-date information on the status of your order;
  • the possibility to continuously monitor the progress of service performance through the access to dashboards from domain-specific systems.
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