How do we work with the client?

To learn more about how we work with our clients, first, answer the question – what guides you when choosing an offer? Most likely, what is important to you is the price, how the offer matches your needs, but also the quality of service or cooperation with a reliable partner.

When we propose our solutions, we consider all of the above. At the very beginning, we carefully diagnose your needs so we can recommend the best options for your business. When developing an offer, we pay attention not only to matching your budget expectations but also minimizing the costs of service implementation, such as the time and effort of your employees.

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Our values

  • We know how vital safety is
  • We’re agile in implementing all new solutions
  • We share our knowledge
  • You can count on us

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Corporate responsibility

Impel Group provides work to over 40,000 people. We create plenty of jobs and bear the responsibility for our employees. Their work and commitment to the services we provide have some real impact on your comfort, safety, and continuity of your day-to-day processes.

  • Environmental protection
  • Civic involvement

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Quality standards

We are committed to ensuring that our services meet your expectations. We ensure positive user experiences in the facilities serviced by us. That’s why we audit our services periodically through internal audits and customer satisfaction surveys.

We’ve standardized our services to deliver the quality you require in each and every location.
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EU projects

Projects co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) under the Smart Growth Programme.

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