EU projects

We develop new and innovative solutions with funds we obtain from the Smart Growth Operational Programme. These funds allow us to launch specific innovative solutions – developed in the course of R&D – on the market or introduce them in the Impel Group companies. 

Thanks to diversified projects implemented in cooperation with universities and research institutes, we have some real impact on the development of science. 

Currently, at the Impel Group, we’re implementing projects co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR):

Climbex decontamination

“Development of a decontamination technology for petroleum products equipment and tanks in the process of their automatic cleaning, and its verification in industrial circumstances”

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“Development of a compact smart module for reactive power compensation, filtering of higher harmonics and conducted disturbances in the frequency range of 2-150 kHz, and its verification in real circumstances.”

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IFS algorithm

“Development of a software platform for automatic scheduling of large volumes of facility services using advanced metaheuristic methods, and its verification in real circumstances.”

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