Our values

We create an easily accessible world of services to support your business. We focus on development and professionalism to meet your needs and the requirements of a changing world.

We know how important safety is

We take care to secure your employees, customers, and the facilities you administer. We guarantee continuity of the supported processes as a proven outsourcing services provider, operating continuously in the service market for over 30 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we also ensure sanitary safety.
We also ensure the health and safety of our employees who provide services in the facilities we handle.

Agility in implementing all new solutions

We will create a new service to suit your business expectations if you need it. We rely on modern technologies to support your processes even more effectively and efficiently.

Sharing our knowledge

We promote a culture of knowledge sharing inside and outside the organization. Our employees are encouraged to grow and strengthen their commitment to innovative ideas. While implementing our service, we use the experience gained in cooperating with various industries, relying on the knowledge of engineers and experts.
Our employees are committed to industry events and conferences. We also run the Impel Group blog where you can find current information on outsourcing services, as well as support of business and production processes, along with trends in these areas.

You can count on us

We work wherever you need support in your business operations. Just contact us, and we will choose the right solution or create one specifically for your company. Our goal is to provide any enterprise or institution with convenient access to our services.