We invest in the development of services provided with respect
for the environment. This is our goal for the upcoming years.
As a first step, we have begun introducing changes in the area
of our cleaning services. The implemented measures also concern
our organization as a whole.

Learn about the changes we are introducing to our cleaning services

We reduce water consumption

We achieve it by replacing our equipment with more efficient and modern devices. Classic mops are being gradually replaced by i-Mops, which are certified by the Made Blue Foundation, responsible for measuring the amount of saved water. Then, the corresponding amount of drinking water is donated by the Foundation to countries in need.

Other benefits of this change:

  • increased efficiency of the cleaning service (up to 1,200 sqm/h, instead of approx. 200 sqm/h as in the case of manual cleaning);
  • saving time necessary to perform the activities;
  • reduction in water consumption by over 80%;
  • reduction in the consumption of cleaning chemicals.

We reuse up to 150 liters of water for every 30 minutes of work

We implement technologies that enable us to save water used for cleaning, e.g. solutions for water purification. This way, the water used for cleaning floors does not go to waste, but is instead filtered and can be reused. Such a device can purify up to 150 l of water in 30 minutes, which is then stored in tanks with a capacity of 300 l.

Other benefits of this change:

  • no technical breaks for commuting and refueling;
  • saving water and minimizing the amount of wastewater.

We reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We are gradually replacing combustion engine equipment with battery-powered electric devices. This way we are able to reduce our carbon footprint.

Other benefits of this change:

  • reduced noise levels;
  • simpler operation of the machine;
  • elimination of repair and maintenance costs;
  • elimination of fuel management supervision and risks associated with fuel storage; control over fuel consumption;
  • increased work comfort of operators.

We replace chemical agents with more efficient and eco-friendly products

We refrain from using standard chemicals and replace them with more efficient concentrates, holding ecological certifications. Using professional chemicals translates to larger packaging and savings related to more precise dosing. Thus, we are able to reduce the number of packages we buy and reduce the amount of plastic used.

We are moving away from aerosol products

It allows us to eliminate hazardous packaging waste and reduce the negative impact on the hole in the ozone layer.

Other benefits of this change:

  • reduced waste disposal costs, which are higher in the case of aerosol products;
  • increased safety of employees, achieved by eliminating flammable and allergenic aerosol products.

Learn about the changes we are introducing within our entire organization

paperless, redukowanie papieru, digitalizacja


We reduce the amount of paper used within our organization, which contributes to the minimization of deforestation. The company’s internal processes are gradually being digitized, which not only translates into financial savings, but also has a direct positive impact on the environment.