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A statement on the company's compliance with the corporate governance recommendations and principles contained in Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016


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Rule for changing auditor


According to the wording of the policy of selecting an auditing firm to audit financial statements of Impel S.A. and Impel Group, adopted in a Resolution of the Supervisory Board of Impel S.A. in October 2017:

The conclusion and performance of agreements with the auditing firm selected to conduct the audit will be made in accordance with the generally applicable regulations, however:

the selection of an auditing firm will take into account the principle of changing the auditing firm and the key statutory auditor in such a way that the maximum duration of uninterrupted orders for statutory audits performed by the same auditing firm or an auditing firm associated with that auditing firm or any member of a network operating in European Union countries to which those auditing firms belong will not exceed five years and the key statutory auditor will not perform statutory audits in the Company for more than five years (in such case the key statutory auditor may audit the Company again after a minimum of three years after the last statutory audit);



The Policy of variety with respect to Impel S.A. Management Board and its key account managers


Impel S.A. has no formal diversity policy, but when appointing positions it follows the quity of qual changes for all candidates, paying special attiention to their competence to experience and competence.