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Impel - big 12.5% in the increasingly difficult market

14 f 2011

After the first three quarters of 2011 the Impel Group – the largest group of companies providing services for business in Poland – produced revenue from sales at the level of PLN 910 million and an operating profit of PLN 45 million.


2011 marks the return of the Impel Group to double digit (12.5%) growth in revenue from sales. Analysis of the financial results broken down by business segments shows that both in terms of the achieved revenue and the profitability, the dominant units after the three quarters are Facility Management (cleaning and maintenance of facilities) and Security. The former obtained revenue from sales at the level of PLN 453 million and is the undisputed leader. Security, on the other hand, produced revenue in the amount of PLN 303 million. The third business segment – Distribution – achieved revenue a the level of PLN 154 million, increasing it by a record amount of PLN 32 million, i.e. by over 26% compared to corresponding period of 2010.


Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice-President of Impel S.A. says: “We always recommend to our clients outsourcing solutions as a kind of antidote to the economic downturn. We watch our internal costs, optimising all processes, both in the organisation of service performance and with respect to the management costs. The market and the competition force us to constantly increase the efficiency of the provided services. One of the solutions that we implement is the acquisition of attractively priced products and resources to provide services in Asian markets. This way we achieve a compromise between the price and the quality to the benefit of our clients. At the heart of our business philosophy lies constant development and breaking through successive growth barriers. We successfully combine organic growth with intensive acquisition activities. Good results provide us with the basis to search for new, good ideas.


Impel Airport Partner became the first private company providing full aircraft handling services at the Poznań-Ławica Henryk Wieniawski Airport. Its clients are LOT Polish Airlines and the Enter Air charter airline. Impel succeeded in becoming the first private operator in the restricted market of providers of handling services at Polish airports. Thanks to its extensive training system, the company guarantees safety and high quality of the provided services. Impel Airport Partner provides a full range of handling services, including passenger, baggage, and aircraft handling.


Bogdan Dzik, president of Impel Cleaning, the company overseeing the handling activity, comments: “The involvement of the Group in the new area is an important part of our search for further growth opportunities. We have the financial means to make further investments in the field of handling. The Impel Group guarantees to our business partners / service recipients safety, flexibility, development of the operational base, and savings generated by conscious cooperation. I believe that cost and organizational efficiency of our solutions will encourage more airports and airlines to test our services. We hope that thanks to our presence the Poznań Airport will expand through wider and more price-competitive handling offer while the airlines will gradually increase the number of destinations. We are aware that from the viewpoint of passengers we represent the airlines and we strive to leave a positive impression of their trips. Our new service combines two important features: it is highly specialised and has a very high growth potential; we are optimistic about the future” .


At the turn of 2012 the Impel Group plans to spin off an organised part of the enterprise and float a property development company called Vantage Development on the Stock Exchange.


Wojciech Rembikowski explains, “For the past several months we have been communicating that Impel, as the first company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, will spin off a part of its activities as an organised enterprise through a stock split. We have opted for an innovative capital solution. Each shareholder will receive 3.2 shares in Vantage Development S.A. per one IMPEL share. This way we will spin off property development activity from Impel, thus obtaining investment clarity. Currently, the principal activity of the Impel Group, involving widespread outsourcing of services, has few synergies and business links to the development activity. It is a different client, a different accounting system, a different business model, and, above all, a different profitability and return on the invested capital. An additional impulse has been provided by the disclosure of undervalued shares in Impel S.A., significant assets in the form of development projects and a whole land bank. We disclose the value of the property development activity without prejudice to the operating results of the IMPEL Group. We hope that already in January next year investors will witness the launch of Vantage Development S.A. on the Warsaw Stock Exchange”.


This year the Impel Group intensified its social and sports activities by establishing its own sports company Impel Volleyball, which encompassed the already sponsored women’s volleyball team Impel Gwardia Wrocław. This decision was taken to further actively promote the Impel Group and support sports growth in Lower Silesia as a social duty of one of the largest companies in the region. The owner’s supervision increased the possibilities of targeted funding of the team and implementation of the ambitious strategy of the Company. Additionally, the investment of the Impel Group enabled strengthening of the composition of the Wrocław women’s volleyball team and singing of contracts with talented players – Milena Rosner and Arielle Wilson, who will help the team to fight for the highest positions in the league table.


Jan Biegaj, Vice-President of Impel SA, explains, “The most important thing for us is to see Gwardia succeed. We want to encourage the residents of Wrocław and the surrounding area to support women’s volleyball. I am sure that such attractive sport offers one of the many possibilities of spending free time. A volleyball match offers extraordinary emotions, a mixture of fun and competition, and, above all, and a safe environment for the fans. Matches can be watched by whole families and they will certainly find it entertaining. We also have ambitious plans to manage the progress of individual players, providing training and rehabilitation facilities.  We want to have one of the best teams of the major league. We have high expectations of our team, so we decided to invest in the future of the club. This way we promote the city of Wrocław, the region of Lower Silesia, and the Impel brand. Organisation of a sports company, which became the home of a club loved by its Lower Silesian fans, was a tough decision. It involves taking responsibility for an area of activity different from those taken so far by Impel in the business field. I assure you that the decisive arguments related to the social responsibility of business.

Impel - big 12.5% in the increasingly difficult market (55 kB)
After the first three quarters of 2011 the Impel Group – the largest group of companies providing services for business in Poland – produced revenue from sales at the level of PLN 910 million and an operating profit of PLN 45 million.