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Impel goes beyond PLN 1 billion in 2008

26 f 2009

Analysis of the Impel Group’s service segments shows that all business units of the Group reported increase in sales revenue in 2008. In 2008, the two biggest units – Facility Management (cleaning services and facility management), and Security brought in PLN 426.95 million and PLN 386.32, respectively. Both units improved their profitability gaining higher margins for new contracts relative to the previous year.

Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice-president of Impel SA Management Board explains: “The changing market situation resulting from the increase in minimum wage, determined the orientation of our business on getting higher prices for services. Our market position, experience and skilful management of the services supporting operations of companies, enable us to be well-positioned for negotiations. We are also effectively and consistently renegotiating the current contracts. Our clients realize that indexation of contracts is the most efficient way to ensure optimal management of company expenses. Putting out new tenders or finding new suppliers entails higher valuation of services.”

In 2008, the Impel Group’s Security segment companies strengthened their position in the banking sector by signing contracts with Kredyt Bank and Alior Bank. The contract with Kredyt Bank covers the provision of cash-in-transit and cash handling services, whereas the one with Alior Bank concerns manned guarding, monitoring of the bank’s outlets, as well as CIT and comprehensive cash handling services across the country. New contracts are being signed in the industry sector (Vattenfall Heat Poland S.A.) and with shopping centres (Alfa in Białystok, Pogoria in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Karolinka in Opole, Galeria Słupsk and Jantar Centre in Słupsk).

In 2008, all (100%) shares of Promedis, a provider of private medical services, were sold. The final value of the transaction was PLN 34.24 million. In January 2009, the Group finalized talks with Autogrill – the world’s biggest provider of catering services and operator of catering outlets for travellers – concerning cooperation under a joint venture agreement. Subsequently, Autogrill Polska was formed in which IMPEL holds 49% shares.

Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice-president of Impel SA Management Board adds: “The IMPEL Group stepped onto another level of development. Organic growth and development of cleaning services and manned guarding were the company’s core business at the beginning. Proceeds from our successful IPO in 2003 enabled us to carry out acquisitions, consolidate the market and develop competence in many new markets of services. The third stage involves capital activities in selected lines of business. This includes activities in the areas which are not the main drivers of our Group, and acquisition of sector partners for the services in which we anticipate dynamic development to occur in the short term.”

In 2009, IMPEL will continue its efforts to win over and include new investors and business partners in our operating activities.

Wojciech Rembikowski reiterates: “We specialize in cleaning and facility management services. We are entering new areas such as airline ground handling. We are expanding technical protection of property, and consolidating our position in cash handling. Our activities are centred around those areas in which we have experience and knowledge, and in which we see the greatest potential for growth of business.”

Impel goes beyond PLN 1 billion in 2008 (42,5 kB)
The Impel Group – the biggest Polish supplier of outsourcing services – reported sales revenue of PLN 1 billion in 2008, i.e. higher by PLN 113 million relative to 2007. In 2008, the Group generated EBIT of PLN 22 million and net profit of PLN 42.16 million..