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Impel – Good Results and Consistent Growth

14 f 2009

Analysis of the results of the two biggest business units shows consistent growth in sales revenue – in the first quarter Facility Management generated over PLN 113 million, while Security generated 101 million.

The results achieved by the Facility Management and Security segments are a good signal for our company, demonstrating that it still meets the market requirements. We construct our services in such way that their valuation reflects both quality and experience as well as scope of activity. In times of economic slowdown our customers are searching for ways of reducing the operating costs of their enterprises, putting more and more emphasis on outsourcing. “Impel can effectively manage its broadly defined outsourcing services, adjusting pricing to the scope and quality required by a given customer, explains Wojciech Rembikowski, vice president of the Management Board of Impel SA.

Impel is obtaining contracts and expanding operations in the area of cleaning and maintenance services in new markets, such as heavy industry, power industry, and public sector institutions, which are becoming strategic segments for the Group (sales of more than two products with the constantly growing number of orders).

The Security Services Unit has also reported improved results thanks to implementation of modern systems of direct operational management. Implementation of a customer management system at that unit has resulted in improved quality as well as stronger identification of the security personnel with the employer.

Towards the end of 2007 the Security business unit began its restructuring process. The administration was streamlined and clear-cut product lines were established based on technical solutions and an original, in-house customer management system. The effects of those activities can be seen in the first quarter of 2009. The improved results of the Cash Handling range can be attributed, on the one hand, to investments in new technologies and, on the other hand, to knowledge of the market and the expectations of our Customers. They notice that we give them a higher level of security for the entrusted valuables, which also raises the quality of our services, adds Wojciech Rembikowski.

In January 2009 the Group signed a joint venture cooperation agreement with Autogrill, the world’s largest provider of food catering services and an operator of service points for travellers, establishing a new company Autogrill Polska, in which IMPEL holds 49% shares.

Acquisition of investors and industry partners involved in development of our operating activities is an element of our strategy. The establishment of the Autogrill Company has been another step in this direction. We have already transferred to that company our restaurants, which provided services at the PKN Orlen filling stations in Tulce, Osiecza, and Zalesie. By the end of 2009 the newly established company Autogrill Polska will take over the catering service at four more points along the A4 motorway (Młyński Staw, Rzędziwojowice, Halemba, and Wirek) under cooperation with the Shell filling stations. By 2010 we want to establish 11 service points managed by Autogrill Polska. The combination of the valuable know-how of Autogrill with the Impel Group’s knowledge of the Polish market creates a huge potential for dynamic growth of the joint venture,” points out Wojciech Rembikowski, vice-president of IMPEL SA.

The Impel Group systematically carries out work on the implementation of an integrated IT system based on SAP’s licence. This project is one of the largest and most complex undertakings of this type in Poland, involving over 20 companies of the Impel Group.

Another important step will be the launch in the SAP system of an application integrated with the Contact Centre currently under development. In a Group of that extent it is important that a customer can quickly provide information and receive feedback. Our goal is to facilitate communication with customer according to uniform standards. For us the Contact Centre offers monitoring and direct supervision over the provided services, as well as quick response to changes in the market and the resultant requirements, explains Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice-President of the Management Board of Impel SA.

Impel – Good Results and Consistent Growth (43 kB)
In the first quarter of 2009 the Impel Group – the largest Polish supplier of outsourcing services – recorded sales revenue of PLN 251.85 million, an increase of PLN 13.5 million over the corresponding period last year. The Group generated operating profit of PLN 8.68 million and net profit of PLN 4.5 million (an increase by over PLN 3 million relative to the corresponding period last year).