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Impel Group – the fruits of efficient valorisation

04 f 2017

Facility Management is the growth leader of the Group: the segment generated in the first six-month period of 2017 revenues of nearly 822 million PLN, an increase by 13 % as compared to the corresponding period of the past year. Facility Management growth is achieved by optimising management structure, integration of services and processes and IT development, but mainly by focusing on improving return on equity, i.e. by withdrawing from non profitable contracts.


“The following products of Facility Management had the highest results: cleaning services and security services. We are now more present in such sectors as: military, public administration, in particular hospital management, construction sector and education. We concluded contracts for security and cleaning services with Polimex– Mostostal S.A. Group. We provide security services for the largest construction site in the Central and Eastern Europe where new power station blocks are built for Elektrownia Opole. In the first six months of this year, we also carried out several high-profile contracts for mass event security services. The biggest events included: The World Games 2017, this year’s biggest sport event in Poland and the 2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship”, - reports Grzegorz Dzik, President of Impel S.A.


Consolidated operational result of Impel Group amounted to 20.6 million PLN after first six months of 2017, an increase by 4% as compared to 2016. Net result of Impel Group (assigned to shareholders of the dominant entity) in the period from January to June reached 6.3 million PLN.  


“The strategy that has be implemented since 2016 and which has re-defined the main areas of the Group, FM, DS&BPO and Industrial Services, seems very fruitful so far. The last segment is expanding the most rapidly, with revenues increased by 24%, reaching 100.4 million PLN. We offer services whose development is particularly important for Impel Group, as we look for high margin contracts which, hopefully, will be a major part of future results. We focus on selected sectors, by providing state of the art equipment and IT technology, says Wojciech Rembikowski, the Vice-President of Impel S.A. - This is a very specific portfolio of services which requires high degree of engineering expertise and technical experience from our managers. By implementing our industrial solutions, we increase efficiency of our clients’ production processes and reduce the risk of unexpected accidents. This know-how is one of its kind. Industrial cleaning services, traffic maintenance support, renovation and construction services, technical service, production and installation of visualisation elements on buildings and access-to-infrastructure related services are mature products chosen by our clients. Next step will be to organise services as part of Integrate Real Estate Services. We carried out our new contracts for industrial construction investments for: Polish leader of oil logistics PERN S.A. and Lotos Group (cleaning of tanks) and for PGNiG S.A (renovation of tanks carried out by Climbex S.A.), he adds.


New regulations on public procurement (for example, the fact that price is not the only criterion), possible valorisation and amended legislation related to increased labour costs (obligatory social insurance with minimal salary and minimal hourly wage for contractors) improved the situation in the sector, but still, dynamically growing labour costs and decrease labour supply are the key challenges for business entities, and their clients, too. The Management Board sustains development strategy, by optimising corporate management structure and organic development.


“We are implementing a matrix management system in which Business Areas take care of business operations, while Functional Divisions are responsible for supervision and implementation of different functions and providing consistent standards for Impel Group. This new approach is related to strategic proprieties being implemented, among which the most important are: changed business model of FM, i.e. increased flexibility of supervising labour costs and development of subcontracting systems and franchising, providing development capital; IT infrastructure for customer service processes, higher productivity and efficiency of selling process and IT technology based services. Implementation of tasks and projects within strategic goals will allow the Group to steadily develop their values and will ensure that the Group keeps going as the leader of the Polish market", emphasizes Grzegorz Dzik.


Given market tendencies related to automation of business and production process, IT infrastructure of business and stronger position of IT in business, Impel Group wants to use innovation and accessible technologies to improve own competitiveness and position in BPO and IS. Digital Services and Business Process Outsourcing reached revenues of 181 million PLN, an increase by 7.9% and increase in sales by 13 million PLN. The most important contracts: for Tauron Obsługa Klienta Sp. z o.o (HR centralisation and IT infrastructure for employees’ files) and for home appliance leader in Poland Amica S.A. (provision of line personnel)


“Increase in sales results from expanding current contracts and gaining new ones. By combining HR and payment services, accounting, tax and process advisory, we offer an integrated product to our clients. We develop in providing line personnel, interim, recruitment and development of employees, consulting and work efficiency management, i.e. bonus track. We sell e-commerce solutions, IT application development and IT infrastructure. In our strategy, we included clients from: banking, energy and transport sectors where development implies IT solutions. IT sector is the fastest in adapting and processing needs of clients, it understands required changes and creates applications which allow to achieve business goals. We insist on developing premium services which are based on technical know-how, but also on knowledge of clients’ business”, reports Wojciech Rembikowski.