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Impel: growth potential vs. market (de)regulations

15 f 2012

In Q1 2012 the Impel Group - the largest Polish provider of outsourcing services - achieved sales revenue of PLN 333,300,000, an increase by 15.4% compared to the previous year. The operating profit amounted to PLN 8,200,000.

Analysis of the results of the business units forming the Impel Group points to consistent implementation of sales revenue growth. In the first quarter, Facility Management exceeded PLN 160,000,000, Security - PLN 110,000,000, and Distribution - PLN 63,200,000. In all the segments these were double-digit increases compared to the same period of the previous year, with the Distribution reporting record results - the revenue of this segment increased by 36%.

Grzegorz Dzik, President of the Management Board of Impel S.A., says: "For the years 2012 - 2014, our main goal is to increase sales from 1.2 to 2 billion zlotys. The first quarter of 2012, with sales up by 15% year-on-year, is a good sign that this goal can be accomplished. Since 2011 we have seen increasing competitiveness in the market of service provision leading to constant price erosion, but also the growing government intervention with regard to rising labour costs. In addition to the highest increases in the minimum wage in the EU (except for Romania and Bulgaria), the Government is raising the pension contribution rate by 2% as well as reducing subsidisation for the disabled by 30%. Another factor in the erosion of profitability is the ‘lowest price dictate' in public tenders, which also depresses rates and profitability. Given that the Government is making increasingly frequent changes to the law that are bad for business, the Public Procurement Law needs to be amended to allow adjustment of contract terms. We agree to a temporary decrease in profitability but we want to compensate for our losses with new sales. The planned annual increases in sales of over PLN 250,000,000 express our ambitions but also constitute our response to the declining profitability of revenues. An additional source of new sales and margins will be provided by acquisitions with our own funds and debt. The Management Board is currently working on several projects in this area."

In Q1 2012 very good results were obtained by the companies from the Distribution segment of the Impel Group. Revenues increased by over PLN 16,000,000, i.e. by 36%. This impressive result was possible thanks to dynamic development of temporary work and personnel and payroll services.

Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice-President of Impel SA, explains: "One of our companies involved in temporary staffing expanded its customer base with a leader of the automotive industry - the US-based Federal-Mogul Corporation. Federal-Mogul manufactures a wide range of components for the motor industry. In Poland the company established two factories specializing in the manufacture of pistons for combustion engines. The signed contract was estimated to be worth about 30 million zlotys per year. This tender and its value reflect the situation in the market. In light of continuously rising labour costs (increase in the minimum wage, increased real labour taxation), customers are looking for flexible solutions to maintain competitiveness of their companies. One such solution is the shedding of jobs and employment of workers through a temporary work agency. If the trend towards rising labour cost continues, as seen in a succession of parliamentary bills, employers will become increasingly interested in outsourcing proposed by our Group. We are flexible, understand our customer's needs, and maintain the high quality of services."

The companies of the Property Management Group increased their revenue by over PLN 16,000,000, among others by acquiring contacts and developing activities in the area of Facility Management in foreign markets. We support the restructuring of the heavy, light, and power industries, which are becoming strategic segments of the Group in Ukraine.

Józef Biegaj, Vice-President of Impel S.A., says: "Impel Griffin Group, which operates in Ukraine, won a tender announced by the Ukrainian company PAO Dnieproenergo for the provision of cleaning services at offices and industrial spaces and laundry of workwear at several power plants in Ukraine. The agreement was signed for three years. PAO Dnieproenergo is one of the largest Ukrainian producers of electricity and thermal power. It produces 8.9% of the total electricity generated in the country. This is one of several winning tenders and we are awaiting the outcome of a number of other tenders. We believe that Ukraine is starting to come out of the economic stagnation. Compared to the first quarter of 2011, we increased our revenues by 60%. This result bodes well for the future. We are prepared to implement in Ukraine our solutions and standards tested in the domestic market. The waiting was worthwhile because this business will develop dynamically at our neighbours."

The companies of the Security Group increased revenues by almost PLN 11,000,000, i.e. by 11%.

"We are witnessing a strong market consolidation. This process organizes our industry. Only a few large companies will remain in the market, which will divide between them the most important area of security services. Small businesses will be sold or will disappear from the market due to lower profitability. Our ambition as well as economic and organizational resources make us one of the players shaping the future of this market. We continue to develop organically but we are prepared for new acquisitions. Our perspective is not limited to Poland but also encompasses neighbouring countries, in particular Central and Eastern Europe", stresses Danuta Czajka, Vice-President of Impel S.A.


The Impel Group is the largest Polish group of companies providing services. It has 20 years of experience of cooperation with demanding Clients who are provided with services by a network of branches throughout Poland. Impel has an extensive range of competences, enabling it to optimise such areas as work organisation, technology selection and staff management. The Group offers the largest number of services for business on the Polish market, in the following lines:

  • Facility Management - cleaning services, technical maintenance of facilities, and ground handling of airplanes
  • Security - manned guarding, electronic security systems, monitoring, and cash handling.
  • Distribution - payroll and personnel outsourcing, temporary work, personnel consulting, IT services, clothes rental and service, laundry service, delivery logistics, and catering.

The Group provides services to about four thousand companies throughout Poland. It manages the work of more than forty thousand people. 

The philosophy underlying the Impel Group's operation comprises support for social, cultural, and sport undertakings and care for those who need it. Impel owns the Impel Volleyball company which manages a women's volleyball team, Impel Gwardia Wrocław. Together with the Foundation "To Rescue Children with Cancer" and a medical team of the Wrocław Medical University the Group supports the construction of a new seat of the Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Pediatric Hematology Clinic - "Przylądek Nadziei" (Cape Hope).

Impel: growth potential vs. market (de)regulations (62,5 kB)
In Q1 2012 the Impel Group - the largest Polish provider of outsourcing services - achieved sales revenue of PLN 333,300,000, an increase by 15.4% compared to the previous year. The operating profit amounted to PLN 8,200,000.