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Impel: higher income and profit

13 f 2007

Compared to the 1st quarter o this year, also the net profit rose and totalled PLN 1.24 million. Sales revenue reached the level of PLN 217 million, i.e. by 5.6 million more compared to the 1st quarter of 2007. The share of subsidies in the sales revenue is kept at a level stable for the Group’s economics, and in the 2nd quarter it totalled 6.7 %. In this period Impel carried on the real estate development projects and realised the next stages of implementing a modern integrated management system.

Sales revenue in the 2nd quarter was by 20% higher than the revenue achieved in the comparable period of the previous year. This significant change was made up in almost 2/3 of the organic growth of sales, and in over 1/3 of revenue generated by the acquired companies, among them – Krakpol, PS Asekuracja, TeleBT and SaneChem System. The biggest and most important segments for the Impel Group, i.e. Real Estate Management and Security Services recorded an increase in the sales revenue. Real Estate Management, which mainly consists of cleaning and maintenance services and facility management, achieved sales revenue of almost PLN 100 million, i.e. by PLN 1.45 million more than in the previous quarter of this year. In the Security Services business unit the increase in the sales by about PLN 1.2 million – to PLN 78.4 million, resulted from the well-developing service of technical protection of property, including monitoring. From the segmental perspective, the biggest sales dynamics in the 2nd quarter was recorded in the Distribution segment including catering, laundry, rental and delivery logistics services.

„In the second quarter we continued the operations which adjust our cooperation to the changing situation in the work market, i.e. growing employment costs and economic migration, which is reflected in the financial results. We negotiate rates for our services, offer more modern and profitable outsourcing solutions. At the same time, we observe more and more dynamic development of our relatively new products such as laundry and rental services. Moreover, we constantly look for the opportunities to expand our business activities. For this purpose, at the beginning of August, we established the company Impel UK Limited Great Britain, which will enable us to expand in the area of the United Kingdom and promote our basic services” – says Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice-President of Impel SA.

Within our real estate development projects, a project of a housing estate in ul. Ślężna in Wrocław has been made, and the beginning of building works is planned for the 4th quarter of this year. At the same time, the company obtained a planning permission and is carrying on work on the building design of an office building in ul. Ślężna in Wrocław, of the area of about 20,000 m2. Concurrently, work has finished on the architectural concept of a housing estate for 3,000 flats in ul. Rychtalska in Wrocław – the biggest development project currently carried out by Impel. The company has also obtained the planning permission for a housing estate of detached houses in Sadków near Wrocław, where it owns land of the area of about 13 ha.

Impel: higher income and profit (48,5 kB)
In the 2nd quarter of 2007, the Impel Group, the biggest provider of outsourcing services in Poland, recorded the highest operating profit since the beginning of 2006, amounting to PLN 6.3 million.