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IMPEL: Polish outsourcing evolves with new technologies and changing labour market

14 f 2017

Impel Group gained PLN 1,667 million in revenues during nine months of 2017, an increase of 10.8% in comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year. Consolidated operational profit amounted to PLN 33.9 million, a decrease by 3.3%, and net profit assigned to shareholders of the dominant entity amounted to PLN 9.9 million after nine months.


Business areas of Impel Group achieved higher revenues. After 3 quarters of 2017, revenues in Facility Management increased by PLN 125 million (11,5%) in comparison with 3 quarters of 2016, amounting to PLN 1,232.4 million. Revenues in Digital Services & BPO reached PLN 278,6 million in revenues, an increase by PLN 13 million (4.9%), while revenues in Industrial Services, the most dynamically evolving sector, amounted to PLN 156.4 million, an increase by PLN 23 million (16.9%).


Currently, Impel Group focuses on price valorisation amending ongoing trade contracts. With upward pressure on salaries and growing labour demand, we expect increasing prices for recipients of services. This will guarantee salary expectations of employees. If higher prices cannot be achieved, we are prepared to end the cooperation. We try to guarantee decent salary to our employees and adequate experience to our Customers. “Despite the current situation on the labour market, i.e.

strong upward pressure on salaries and decreasing labour supply on the market of simple services, we want to provide safe services to our Customers, and partially limit rapidly growing labour costs by higher efficiency in upcoming months of cooperation.


 As the market leader, we want to guarantee to our Customers a process of development based on highly specialist solutions”, highlights Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice-President of Impel SA.


 “We strengthen our position as a outsourcing leader by implementing solutions based on IT and innovation, looking for best business practices and focusing on those segments which appreciate human work, expecting savings based on technological and organisational development of our contractors. By providing a wide range of services, we play the role of both consultant and partner for our Customers. In that way, we co-create brand new, unique products supporting the Customers' business activities, says Grzegorz Dzik, President of Impel SA.



[Management of Impel Group]


The Group has been reorganized internally for the past two years in order to increase efficiency and flexibility in meeting Customers’ needs, as well as to adjust its organisation to market challenges. Organisational systems were rebuilt, the role of functional areas was increased and new Business Areas were defined. Local operational and trade activities (security and cleaning services) were consolidated. In September 2017, the corporate policy, a document specifying management method for Impel Group companies, was updated. „The new model of management is to create organisational culture based on specialisation, equality and cooperation between organisational cells”, underlines Grzegorz Dzik.


[Development of cooperation with external partners]


Optima Care Sp. z o.o., a patient care provider, was sold in September. This transaction is consistent with the Group’s strategy, i.e. diversification of models of services provided to Customers. Today, Impel Group's business model is based on three pillars: services provided with own resources, by subcontractors and business partners – franchisees who carry out their contracts based on own technological and business know-how. Optima Care is another partner franchised by Impel Group. The Group is going to supervise quality of services provided to secure the brand image of Impel on the market.




 “We have been increasing the number of facilities managed as part of Integrated Facility Management for the past two years. The Group manages already an area of more than 1.5 million m², such as logistics and production facilities as well as shopping and business centres. Leaders of some sectors expect integration of basic services, i.e. cleaning services, security services and technical service, meaning integrated FM. However, we look for and take care of our Customers who use individual services, including catering, clothing rental or real estate management", highlights Jakub Dzik, Vice-President of Management Board of Impel S.A.

In the last quarter, we expanded cooperation with the network of logistics parks Logicor. We gained contracts for managing production facilities Aero Gearbox International Poland and Hamilton Sundstrand Rzeszów. We also manage 5 logistics parks of MLP Group. The total value of annual revenues from those contracts amounts to nearly PLN 25 million.



[New technologies of FM]


New information technologies are more and more often used in security services. In this way, we optimise costs and increase efficiency of security related processes. “We offer to our clients new solutions based on new information technologies. We implement solutions built on innovative CCTV systems created based on behavioural analyse and data from thermo-vision cameras. We design, in collaboration with our Client, complex solutions in this field”, informs Jakub Dzik. “In integrated management of FM, we use software, mobile applications, systems of work planning and monitoring. In the third quarter, we gained contracts for cleaning services and security services in retail, hospital, public administration and education sector”, he adds.





[Brand new solutions for pharmaceutical sector]

IT companies of Impel Group provide to Customers services based on new legal needs in various economic areas. New data reporting requirements resulting from amended Pharmaceutical Law oblige the Customers who deal with medicinal products to adjust their IT systems to new circumstances. “We design new solutions in this field: SI-ZSMOPL and eTransfer ZSMOPL. The software SI-ZSMOPL was successfully implemented in ten Polish and international companies with different flow of material and distribution model. As with the Standard Audit File-Tax (SAF-T/JPK), new legal requirements were quickly diagnosed. We prepared useful solutions to meet requirements of the Pharmaceutical Law regarding reporting into the system of the Ministry of Health ZSMOPL", highlights Jakub Dzik.



[Market tendencies]


Once again, revenues of this sector grew the most dynamically, with a double-digit increase by nearly 17%. Industrial Services of Impel Group represent the new trend on the Polish market, i.e. integration of services within the industrial sector. The model of cooperation, which we prepared, allows for flexible adjustment to current market factors and gives the Customer access to new technological solutions, full management data, real estate and investment advisory, control of processes, monitoring and quality control. This approach considerably limit business risks, and experience and potential of the outsourcing company decreases the Customer's costs.


[Scanning of infrastructure]


An innovative service offered as part of Industrial Services is laser scanning of infrastructure. The service, designed by Insperit Data Management sp. z o.o., supports the process of creating digital models for planning investments, repairs, changing the use of site and preparing area development plans. The service also supports inventory of municipal network infrastructure. Gathered data is interdisciplinary and may be used in various applications and processes. 


[New contracts from the segment]


The major contracts in the industrial sector are those concluded with PGE GiEK Branch Elektrownia Turów, ArcelorMittal Poland S.A. Branch in Dąbrowa Górnicza and CELSA Huta Ostrowiec sp. z o.o. We also gained a contract for construction works for the Navy Hospital in Gdańsk and Masovian Voivodeship Hospital in Siedlce. As far as rebranding is concerned, we added to our portfolio the network of petrol stations Moya and the Polish Football Association (PZPN). It should be also noted that we implemented the contract in air sector for the product Technical Maintenance of Real Estate. The key client is Pratt&Whitney.