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Impel: sales grow by 20 %

13 f 2007

Thus the company surpassed the sales revenue forecast by 4%. Impel’s net result for 2006 amounted to PLN 16.3 million. The share of subsidies in the sales revenue reached the level of 6.7%, below the threshold of 7.5% determined by the company for the previous year. It is also lower than the share of subsidies in the sales revenue in 2005, which totalled 8.7%.

In the last quarter of 2006, the Impel Group recorded the best financial results compared to the other quarters of that year, and also relative to the comparable period of 2005. Sales revenue in the previous quarter amounted to almost PLN 210 million, which means an increase by 24.6%. Operating profit exceeded PLN 4.2 million and was by 32% higher relative to the comparable period of the previous year, whereas net profit increased by 45%. In the period from October to December 2006 EBIT net of subsidies amounted to PLN 9.1 million compared to PLN 10.1 million in the comparable period of the previous year, which constitutes an increase by about 10%.

„Developing the Impel Group we focused on two fundamental directions: persistently becoming independent from subsidies, and diversifying and expanding our offer through acquisitions of attractive, highly-specialised companies. We enriched each area of our activity with new services and solutions. In the segment of security we have commenced provision of services dedicated to harbour facilities, and in the area of cleaning and maintenance services – thanks to the acquisition of DC-System – we entered the market of cleaning services in high-class office buildings. We also took over a company specialising in telecommunications infrastructure management – TeleBT, as well as a company providing laundry services – Krakpol – with a strong position in the hotel industry” – lists Grzegorz Dzik, President of Impel SA.

All segments of the Impel Group – compared with the previous year – in 2006 recorded an increase in the sales revenue. In the case of cleaning and maintenance services it totalled PLN 289 million in 2006 (increase by 21.3%), and in the segment of security services: 269.7 million (increase by 8.6%). The most dynamic growth characterises the area of “Others”, which includes services connected with temporary work (Impel HR Service), private healthcare (Promedis) and real estate and laundry management. This segment ended the year 2006 with sales revenue of PLN 136.5 million (increase by 52.3%).

In the last quarter of 2006 the Impel Group started the execution of a real estate development project in Wrocław, and established a joint-venture company BNM 3 Impel SA Sp.J – responsible for the completion of the investment involving erection of about 350 high-standard flats. At the same time, Impel carries on preparatory activities connected with another real estate development project which will cover an area of almost 15 ha in the centre of Wrocław. In the last quarter of 2006, Impel also purchased over 13 ha of land near Wrocław, intended for future construction of detached houses.

Impel: sales grow by 20 % (39 kB)
In 2006, the Impel Group, the biggest provider of outsourcing services in Poland, recorded 20% growth in sales revenue compared to the previous year. It amounted to PLN 748.4 million and was more than PLN 123 million bigger than in 2005.