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IMPEL: The Future Lies in Operating Efficiency and Further Market Consolidation

16 f 2009

In 2009, the Impel Group has experienced an increase in sales revenue of a few percent and a visible improvement in operating efficiency. The analysis of financial results in a breakdown by business units shows that in terms of both generated revenue and profitability Facility Management (cleaning and facility management services) and Security are dominant after three quarters. The former has earned revenue from sales at the level of PLN 336,669 million and the latter of PLN 305,852 million.


Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice President of Impel SA says: “Consistent efforts that went into the improvement of operating efficiency have been reflected in the Group’s results. The economic slowdown unfolding over the past dozen months or so, resulted in decisions on restructuring taken by our Clients. They define their needs consciously and analyse their budgets. The expectation of high quality for reasonable, and yet, not the lowest possible price has become common. The development of our industry depends on the economic situation – the market downturn slows down outsourcing, and the crisis increases the interest in this model of operation, already quite established in Poland. Impel has the tools which set processes in order and contribute to reductions in operating costs of our Clients’ enterprises. Cooperation with such service providers as the IMPEL Group enables companies to operate in a more flexible manner, e.g. by reducing the cooperation with multiple suppliers.”


On November 10, 2009 Impel Security Polska acquired 49% of shares of Przedsiębiorstwo Specjalistyczne Asekuracja Sp. z o.o. It was the effect of implementing the investment agreement in which ISP had been given a right of pre-emption with regard to the remaining shares in connection with the acquisition of 51% of shares in 2006. The agreement is conditional and UOKiK (the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) still has to approve its conclusion.


Łukasz Puciłowski, President of the Management Board of Impel Security Polska, adds: “Impel Security Polska has become the 100% owner of Asekuracja, which provides cash processing services. This transaction contributes to building, among the existing and prospective clients, the image of the entity which demonstrates the greatest competence and “know-how”, combining experience, security and modernity. Banks remain our most important clients, for whom we optimise the process of sorting and packaging as well as cash circulation management. Owing to this transaction and the high quality of rendered services, including, among others, the introduction of customer service standards and use of the state-of-the-art software, the Impel Group’s company has become the main player on this highly specialised market” – adds.


Impel Cleaning conducts negotiations on acquiring a majority stake in a company which provides cleaning and catering services and operates on the heavy industry market. This process contributes to the implementation of actions adopted in the strategy of Impel, aiming at its development through acquisitions. Impel Cleaning intends to develop its operations on the market where outsourcing services are used to a limited extent.


Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice President of Impel SA emphasises: “For Impel Cleaning, potential acquisition of this company provides mainly the opportunity for further development, owing to access to the huge heavy industry market. On the basis of the new Company’s potential we want to extend our area of business activity by incorporating this market sector. This acquisition is a subsequent step on the way of implementing the strategy of Impel, which carries out its mission of offering comprehensive partnership for business. Relying on the experience of both cleaning and catering services we want to expand and optimise our activity in many areas”.


On December 31, 2009 the implementation of the integrated IT system in the Impel Group will be completed.   


“Improving the quality of offered services and ensuring comprehensive service for our Clients were the main objectives underlying the decision, taken in 2007, on implementing the integrated IT system, whose cost will reach about PLN 60 million. Signing a licence agreement with SAP was a breakthrough in the company’s history. This decision entails, however, consent to financial consequences, as the cost of the IT system will be visible in the companies’ results in 2010. However, from the current perspective, after two years, we can see that the strategic actions made it possible for us to obtain consistent and complete management information in all business areas, which affects directly both business control and quality of service provided to our Clients” – points up Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice President of the Management Board of Impel SA.






IMPEL: The Future Lies in Operating Efficiency and Further Market Consolidation (52,5 kB)
The Impel Group – Poland’s largest group of companies providing services for businesses – has produced revenue from sales at the level of PLN 767,724 million and net profit of PLN 27,411 million after three quarters of 2009.