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The Year 2015 – stabilization of results and preparation to changes in cost of labour

27 f 2016

The Impel Group, the domestic largest provider of outsourcing services, has maintained the long-lasting trend of rise in revenue from sales, which in 2015 exceeded PLN 1.8 billion. Net profit totalled neary 23 million.


Consolidated revenue from sales of the Impel Group totalled PLN 1.81 billion in 2015 and was over 7% higher than the previous year. The sale from FM exceeded 1.2 billion,
and the Security Segment PLN 0.55 billion, representing an increase of 4% to 14%, respectively compared to the previous year. The consolidated net profit atrributable to the shareholders of the parent undertaking amounted to PLN 22.9 million vs. million lower than PLN 30.5 million a year earlier.

 - We function in very changeable environment, both regulatory and market one, which is reflected in our results. Even though the Impel Group consistently brings its shareholders profit, and this because in all segments we are present, we are market leaders, offering customers high quality of service supported with experience and motivation to introduce innovative solutions. We are able, owing to the potential created in the Group, to offer successive services and in this way creating long-term growth of the Impel Group Value. We are implementing new sales strategy and service provision, and changing our internal structure. Adoption of a new model to the market will allow us to have a very approach to market challenge  -  said Grzegorz Dzik, President of Impel.

In 2015 the Group decided to develop highly specialized services for business (BPO - Business Process Outsourcing). This is why the revenue not attributable to the two segments rose by over 60% (to PLN 59 million in 2015).

 - Value of the market in EU rose to USD 100 billion and still growing. Also in Poland more and more companies can see the benefits achievable with specialized external enterprises  We believe that the Impel Group, with its potential, experience and resources will become a major player also in this segment. Our approach involves package sales of services; increased sales of specialized services, based on growing share of IT and automation of operation processes taking account of the global trend in development of outsourcing – stated President.

Highly specialized services for business are far less susceptible to legal regulations, which significantly influence Facility Management and Security segments. Due to statutory regulations concerning ZUS contributions imposed on fixed-term employment agreements, published in August 2015, the Group negotiated with customers indexation of rates, concerning the renegotiations of rates in connection with th Social Security Act which are in force as of 1 January 2016.

- We are happy about the course of cost valorisation. Operating and sales staff indexed over 4 thousand contracts. Part of the negotiations has not yet been completed , and the full estimation of the new regulations will be possible after Q1 2016. The valorisation of all contracts in three months was in its scale the largest in the Group’s challenge at the same time the most important process performed in 2015 – explains Wojciech Rembikowski, Vice-President of the Impel Group.

Planned further dynamic is one of the reason why the Management Board of Impel S.A. recommended the shareholders to keep dividend from 2014 profit unpaid.     ­
- In the long run we plan to be a company that pays dividend. This time, however, we believe the entire profit should stay with the Company, providing better foundation for further expansion on the market, having to engage more operational cash to cover the increased cost of labour – declared President Grzegorz Dzik.