Transportation and logistics


When working with the transport and logistics industry, we focus on basic services, related to security, cleaning and technical maintenance of real estate. Our activities are aimed at improving important aspects of operating in this industry – by supervising and securing property and goods in storage halls, taking care of hygiene in facilities or ensuring failure-free operation of equipment. We use technologies that allow us to operate various types of facilities, we provide the required standard of services, and ensure that their implementation and delivery do not interfere with everyday operations.


Benefits of cooperation


  • improved security of property and stored goods
  • uniform standard of services provided for network facilities, on-going verification of quality
  • support of an experienced supplier with a rich portfolio of services, equipment and qualified staff resources




  • security of persons and property
  • reception service and access control
  • cleaning services, including specialised services
  • technical security systems
  • workwear rental
  • OHS and hygiene products supplies
  • technical maintenance of the property